My Tapestry Dress

When Sharon Holland released her line Tapestry I was in love. The soft earthtones, beautiful coral colors and the lovely delicate brushstrokes and shapes were so pleasing to the eye. I ordered a few pieces from the collection and waited for our fabric to arrive.
I poured over patterns trying to figure out what to do and what to use, I always find this process tough as I have a hard time envisioning final projects. I choose the Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline. I decided to sew it up in a full length maxi with 3/4 length sleeves and a cuff.
The fabric sat for a bit as I am always a little daunted by cutting into yards of fabric for a project. What if I screw up? What if it doesn’t look good? Well I was wrong the dress turned out beautiful.
I ended up chopping off the length and doing a high low hem as I have strong german blood I felt the full length and style of the dress made me look a little “mennonite-ish”. I was pleased with the high low hem and unfortunately didn’t get any pics of my process there but don’t worry I will make another and show you how I did it.
All in all the Out and About Dress was such a simple sew. The instructions were wonderfully written and if you pay close attention to all the little things that can make a garment look professional as opposed to homemade you will come out a winner everytime. I topstitched my neckline and hem in a matching coral thread and even though you can’t tell from the pictures this small detail really amped up the quality of this piece.
I wish this pattern was available in paper so that we could sell it but alas it’s not. You can purchase a pdf copy here. One tip I have for pdf patterns is to use tracing paper to trace out your size and leave your pdf as your master and then store in a large ziploc bag. You can get really cheap tracing paper just search medical paper on Amazon or any other platform you like to shop from and make sure you get a width big enough to cover most womans dress patterns. The thing I like about having a large roll of tracing paper kicking around besides tracing out my patterns is that it also makes for great tissue wrap when you have got a make to gift.
All in all I hope you liked checking out my make. Tell me have you made the Out and About Dress? Which fabric did you use? How did it sew up for you? Do you have any Tapestry projects on your table? Let me know in the comments below.
Oh and I am offering a discount in my etsy shop for today use the code TAPESTRY to receive 15% off your order (free shipping is not included). Feel free to check out the other awesome patterns we have in our shop by Sew Caroline here.

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