My Yellow Moon Dress

I love love love this dress! When Maureen Cracknell released her Nightfall Fabric line I was head over heels or more like head over steel toe boots, heels don’t work so well in the bush. I knew I had to have all of her fabric line and it seems like a lot of other people had to have it too. I couldn’t keep her prints especially the knits in stock.



As with most of my pieces I day dream about what a piece could be long before my scissors hit the fabric. This one was instant. I had wedding to attend too so I wanted something with length and a full skirt I wanted a piece that I could wear out on a date as well as wear in my everyday life. Also I knew it had to go with my amazing cowboy boots. So grabbed my trusty Sew Caroline Out and About Dress Pattern and got to cutting.


I made just above elbow length sleeves and full mid calf skirt. I made absolutely no modifications on this dress. It sewed like a dream and turned out perfectly. As always I got my amazing friend Emily Christie to photograph me and let me tell you she does wonders with someone who has absolutely no modelling skills and is camera stupid! It was a chilly day when we shot the pics and the waves wear high. Thankfully being a bush girl I can totally hold my own on a floating dock while trying to look completely poised.


*This dress was made last fall and photographed then as well. I wear this dress religiously! The fabric washes and wears well as well it is a great fabric for every season.*



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