Toasting Grapefruit

I remember as a little girl there always being a funky spoon or knife in our cutlery drawer and was always curious as to what it was. I would watch my mother with awe as she cut grapefruits with it. Although now I can’t entirely remember how she ate hers. I know she often ate them because it was such a promoted item on Weight Watchers but other than I don’t know if she liked them or not.

Fast forward to me in my 30s we had friends who would often bring us a cooler full of grapefruits from their tree in Arizona. With so many of these grapefruits in the house I had to get creative. I made cheesecakes. I juiced a bunch. Put cubes in salad and such but still missed just having grapefruit in the morning. I had read somewhere I don’t know where about toasting your fruit as it can caramelize the natural sugars so I took this idea on step further. I take a grapefruit, halve it and then cut it with your fancy knife sprinkle a smidge of brown sugar and/cinnamon and then I put it in our toaster over to toast. The brown sugar and grapefruit juices warm up and the fruit itself is lightly warmed. I eat it as is and usually there is a little bit of sweet warmed juice in the bottom of my bowl for me to slurp up.

If you have never had this and enjoy grapefruit or even somewhat enjoy it try it out see what you think. Oh and I keep all my grapefruit rinds in a large mason jar filled with vinegar and I just keep adding rinds after about 6 weeks the vinegar is infused with grapefruit and I use this as our household spray. Strain the vinegar off and add to a bottle with a smidge of dish soap and some water and voila homemade grapefruit scented household cleaner. Do you have any ingenious grapefruit ideas/recipes please share!

Much love,


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