Moneta by Colette Patterns

I can’t believe how long I had a Moneta on my shelves and often pulled it out but never made. Even though I have made quite a few things all with different skill sets I am always a little overwhelmed when I try something new. Plus having a long torso I am often worried about knit dresses that are gathered that they won’t fall on the right spot on my waistline. I just decided to give it a go I mean how can you pass it up. The photos that Colette has for this dress just scream gorgeous and comfort all at the same time. I mean come on this dress is stunning and it looks great in solids and print as well as amazing on all body types. If there is a pattern made for every woman this one might be it. The other things I love about this pattern is the pockets, various length options, sleeves and the 5 collar options. Plus this dress is so hackable if you just google moneta hacks you’ll be amazed. Colette just recently released a hack to make the back a cross back. SWOON!

So this last fall I finally cut into some gorgeous knit from Art Gallery Fabrics designed by April Rhodes, it’s from her Bound Collection. This fabric has got great stretch with the help of spandex allowing it to have great recovery as well as draping appropriately.


All of Colette patterns are wonderfully written and very easy to follow. I went off my full bust measurement as this is where the garment is the most fitted and that put me into a size small. I always trace my patterns out from the original. It just makes senses. I pick most of my tracing paper (medical paper) off of Amazon but I am saving up for some real deal swedish tracing paper.


I found the size small to be a touch snug in the bust area but that all changed once I switched the bra I was wearing. I could probably still size up to a medium and definitely would if I made this moneta in a thicker knit such as an interlock. The length of this dress is perfect. I strayed away from the pattern regarding the bodice a bit and ended up doing a serge and turn on the neckline and then topstitching it down with two rows of stitching. I think it turned out beautifully and this dress can be worn out for a date night or a day of running errands with the kids.


My boy took this picture of me on a day of running errands in the city out of the 20 or 30 he took this one was the best.

Have you made the Moneta? Was it a success? What fabric or print did you use? I would love to hear about your Moneta experince? Any hacks?

If you haven’t made the Moneta but would like to, you can find the pattern here in my pattern shop. If you are looking for fabric for a Moneta check out my fabric shop here.


My Washi Dress Collection

When I became a mom I was quite overwhelmed at how my clothing choices changed almost immediately. I never felt I could find a store that truly called to me. I still wanted to be hip but not 20 year old hip and I wanted to look mature and feminine but not look like I was older than I was. I wanted comfy classic pieces that were flattering. So I started scouring the internet to look for good quality patterns that had a lot of versatility, that could allow me to still look hip but allow me to look and feel my age as well as the fact that Im a mom. This is where the washi dress comes in.

I have followed Made by Rae for a long time and really found her stuff when I was first looking for inspiration for my baby boy at the time. Upon perusing her patterns and such I found her style to be very modern and extremely flattering for woman. I am drawn toward tunics and dresses that are flattering but also give coverage, belly coverage. I found comfort was a huge factor in my clothes.

The first dress I made in the washi was a chambray that I have since grown out of but I replaced that one with more washi’s. Here they are (or some of them):


This one I made for Cavalia, a sort of Cirque du Soleil but with horses. This fabric is from the Fantasia line by Sara Lawson designed for Art Gallery. I made it sleeveless and with an elastic casing instead of the standard shirring elastic. I prefer this method it’s a little bit of a longer method but I do it cause I don’t really like sewing elastic thread. Or I should say my machine doesn’t like it. Here’s a shot of it in action.


This washi I made with a chambray top and this gorgeous woven neopolitan print I believe it might be a Cotton and Steel but I can’t remeber. This one has the elastic thread and is shortened to a tunic length. This one is a real favorite and is worn almost weekly.


My husband and I took our kids to some show in town (mom brain I can’t remember) and I made this dress up for a day date. I tested out the peter pan collar which I love on clothing just not to sure if it suits me or if was that I used a print for it. It has capped sleeves, is pattern length and I used elastic casing in the back. This one is done up in fabric from the Arizona line by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics.


I have actually a few more that never made it to getting photographed on this sunny day but I’m sure you get the hint.

If your thinking about making the washi dress don’t think anymore. Rae has added so many expansions to this dress the possibilities are endless. Sleeves, bow collar, different necklines, make it shirt length, maxi length and more. Oh and did I mention pockets! This dress works well in so many substrates, chambrays, voile, cotton, double gauze, linen pretty much any light to medium weight cottons or blends. Check out the pattern here and if your looking for fabric for your new washi check out the sale I’m having this week on all wovens in the shop here.



My Tapestry Dress

When Sharon Holland released her line Tapestry I was in love. The soft earthtones, beautiful coral colors and the lovely delicate brushstrokes and shapes were so pleasing to the eye. I ordered a few pieces from the collection and waited for our fabric to arrive.
I poured over patterns trying to figure out what to do and what to use, I always find this process tough as I have a hard time envisioning final projects. I choose the Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline. I decided to sew it up in a full length maxi with 3/4 length sleeves and a cuff.
The fabric sat for a bit as I am always a little daunted by cutting into yards of fabric for a project. What if I screw up? What if it doesn’t look good? Well I was wrong the dress turned out beautiful.
I ended up chopping off the length and doing a high low hem as I have strong german blood I felt the full length and style of the dress made me look a little “mennonite-ish”. I was pleased with the high low hem and unfortunately didn’t get any pics of my process there but don’t worry I will make another and show you how I did it.
All in all the Out and About Dress was such a simple sew. The instructions were wonderfully written and if you pay close attention to all the little things that can make a garment look professional as opposed to homemade you will come out a winner everytime. I topstitched my neckline and hem in a matching coral thread and even though you can’t tell from the pictures this small detail really amped up the quality of this piece.
I wish this pattern was available in paper so that we could sell it but alas it’s not. You can purchase a pdf copy here. One tip I have for pdf patterns is to use tracing paper to trace out your size and leave your pdf as your master and then store in a large ziploc bag. You can get really cheap tracing paper just search medical paper on Amazon or any other platform you like to shop from and make sure you get a width big enough to cover most womans dress patterns. The thing I like about having a large roll of tracing paper kicking around besides tracing out my patterns is that it also makes for great tissue wrap when you have got a make to gift.
All in all I hope you liked checking out my make. Tell me have you made the Out and About Dress? Which fabric did you use? How did it sew up for you? Do you have any Tapestry projects on your table? Let me know in the comments below.
Oh and I am offering a discount in my etsy shop for today use the code TAPESTRY to receive 15% off your order (free shipping is not included). Feel free to check out the other awesome patterns we have in our shop by Sew Caroline here.
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